Decomposition Analysis of the FIFA 19 Nitrogen Shooting Scheme

Posted on 01/09/2019 by admin

While exercising, press and hold the L1 / Lb + Myself (B + A or X + A) button.

This is the new, fancy movement of the FIFA19, which belongs to the two-star action (or one-star action?). In short, almost all players can use them. Simple and practical, this action is FIFA19’s new favorite.

However, many players use the wrong time as this action is not appropriate for the penalty area, it is indeed a fantastic action for the defender and the midfielder. In particular, the advantages of the defender are enormous. I will introduce you in detail.

In the picture above, my Neymar used two false nitrogen shots that are clearly visible. The displacement is obvious, it can be used once and can move the distance of 10 meters (two grasses) quickly The benefits of back field use are very large.

Since the defender himself is relatively cumbersome, he can easily be smashed by the maniac while dribbling, which can cause the defender to quickly get rid of him and bring the ball into midfield. Let’s take a look at a GIF.

The picture above is a fake nitrogen shot I made with Coulibaly (2-star player): If I play the ball here, it is easy for the opponent, who is forced by the high pressure, to break the ball and to complete the counterattack of the apron.

However, after using a nitrogen boost, I quickly removed my guard from the restricted area, it took me twice to reach the midfield, and there was almost no need for the fancy star. That’s why I said that this is indeed the case. Tailored for the watch, it’s also a crazy dog ​​streamer.

In the picture above, my neymar took the ball close to the center circle and used two consecutive nitrogen counterfeits to stop it from passing and quickly reached the position near the stop zone. Here I have to say, the details of the nitrogen counterfeit shot The direction of nitrogen counterfeiting does not refer to our orientation, but to the foot we use. I will use two numbers from the above GIF to explain this in detail.

In the picture above, my neymar prepares for the nitrogen acceleration in the middle circle: I can see that my touch foot is the right foot. So if I use the imagination at this point, then the direction of my acceleration is a downward direction. ) and the bow protruding to the right, if no one is in that direction, you can boldly use it, if there is anyone, it will be broken.

This is the place where the second nitrogen in the GIF is forged above. At this point, my touch foot is the left foot. If I want to use the nitrogen fake shot, my forward trajectory is a curved arc to the left and in my original direction (to the bottom right).

So if I want to do it, I’ll judge right away if it’s broken, because the defender is going right in front of me, and I predict that I will not touch it either. It is sure to go to him. This is the detail that requires attention when it comes to nitrogen counterfeiting.

However, this action is easy to use, but not suitable for use in the restricted area: being too distorted, it can not control the direction of change when moving and can be easily blocked by the blocking area, as in the next example.

In the picture above, I used Neymar to prepare a nitrogen blast to cut into the restricted area. If the cut is successful, it should be an empty position to hit the door, but if I cut it at a good angle, it was knocked out by Van Dyck.

For this reason, it is not suitable for cutting in the restricted area. There are too many people in the restricted area, and the space in the restricted area is very limited. I can not change my direction when cutting. If there’s a prejudice on the other side, plus the wall tactics, I’ll almost certainly fail.

1. The defender’s midfielder can be used boldly to get the ball out of his own half.

2. Not suitable for use in the protected area. If you want to use it, please use it on the sidelines.

3. Not suitable for 1v2 or 1vN, is a skill that belongs to 1v1.

4. Use skills, be sure to adjust your position and touch the ball before use.

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